We welcome children of all ages to our practice.  Our staff will take the necessary time and attention to be sure your child has a good experience.  We want every child to be excited to come for dental visits.  The tv's in the operatories are a nice distraction and they get to choose what they'd like to watch.  The traditional prize box is always a hit as well. Going to the dentist should not be a scary or intimidating experience, in fact, we have many children who enjoy coming in again and again.

We encourage our patients to bring small children with them when they have thier own check ups so that the child can see for themselves what to expect.  They can even take a ride in the chair if they'd like.  All this is to help them feel safe, comfortable, and happy to come back.  You can bring them in as early as you'd like.  It is recommended that children are seen by thier first year.